God Is For Us

I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the peoples; I will sing praises to you among the nations. For Your steadfast love is great to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the clouds.

I can hardly believe that this summer is almost over. It has been a wonderful, but very busy summer. With back to back camps, then heading up to Križ to study the Bible and theology with college students, it is amazing to look back and see the way that God faithfully and abundantly provided the energy to do all this. And to even finish these camps with energy!

Well, the Lord’s faithfulness does not end when camps are over. This last week I had a very tangible reminder of God’s perfect timing, faithfulness and love He extends towards us. For any of you who have had to get a visa or temporary permit to live in another country, you know how much of a hassle it is. For those of you who don’t, be thankful. In May my visa expired and I began the process of applying for a temporary resident permit to continue living here in Slovenia. Insert important note: My car registration is tied to my visa date. So when the visa expired in May, even though I was in the process of getting a new one, I could not drive my car. This process involved many trips to the Občina (government offices), fingerprints, FBI background check, and documents expedited to and from America. With a lot of help from many dear friends, I was able to get everything submitted and turned in. And on Monday I was finally able to go pick it the temporary resident permit and was able to go register my car.

To help me with this, my friend Denis went with me to translate for me as I picked up my permit and to register my car. I showed him a letter I had gotten about my car back in June, which I thought was just telling me I couldn’t drive my car. Well, no worries, I thought. I already know that! But what I didn’t read/understand was that I was supposed to unregister my car or the police would physically come and take the license plates and I could be fined. With this new information we went to the Slovene DMV, but were unsure what this meant for registering the car. But the process was actually really smooth and I wasn’t fined! Praise Jesus, I thought I was going to have to pay that fine when I re-registered it! Story over? Nope.

Monday evening I was hanging out in my apartment watching Jimmy Fallon clips when the doorbell rang. It was the police and they said they need to talk to me. As I was descending the apartment stairs my heart was racing, I was fervently praying, and was wondering what I possibly did to have the police show up at my home at 9:00 pm. Thankfully one of the policemen spoke English, so I was able to clearly find out why they were there. It turned out they were there to take my license plates for not having a registered car. I’m not sure what else would have happened, and thankfully I did not find out, because I was able to show them that a mere 9 hours before I had gone and registered my car. I showed them all the documents proving it and they said everything was okay. As I walked back up to my apartment I was flooded with not only praise to God that I was not going to jail and/or had incurred a major fine, but also with the goodness and provision in His timing–that that day I had taken care of all the paperwork.

Moral of the story: Jesus is awesome. And don’t make assumptions about letters you can’t read thoroughly.

Have a great day!!

Here is a little glimpse of my summer:

Fusion Concert

Gwynne, Doroteja, Me


Pirate NightBand

Guitar workshop

Florida Team Vintgar

Interns Bled

English camp 2015

Castle 2

Brads Bushkas

Can Can

Castle Lake

Kriz Seaside


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