Northern Ireland, Czech and Rend Collective

A few weeks back I had the incredible opportunity to go to Northern Ireland (I definitely Googled Northern Ireland to see if it is a separate country from Ireland. It is. So glad I did that before I went). Even how I got to go is a testimony to God and His ability to work things for good. This past August I got to go back to America to visit my family. I originally planned to go in early August, but since I did not get my visa for Slovenia in time, I had to cancel the trip last minute. I was able to get airline credit for the cancellation and when I rebooked the flights for three weeks later, the new tickets were quite a bit less, and I then had money to use on a future ticket. So even though it was a huge hassle in August and I’m pretty sure I made family members cry when I told them I had to come later than expected, this situation ended up being and even bigger blessing than I ever thought.

So I figured going to Northern Ireland was a great way to use the airline credit. I stayed with a dear friend, Rachael, who serves with Josiah Venture in the Czech Republic. She is from this magical land and was there on home assignment. Arriving in Northern Ireland, my only concept for this part of the world was through the lenses of BBC shows and Pride & Prejudice. This place is incredible! Oh. My. Goodness. Rachael took time from her busy schedule and took me to see some amazing places there, including: Giant’s Causeway, The Dark Hedges and Belfast. I kept seeing various members of the band Rend Collective while there. It was so nice of Rachael to invite them on my vacation! I only was able to snap one quick picture without being obvious. I had a perfect opportunity the first time we saw them, but I was too busy looking at her shoes to notice them. Here is a small peak at my time there.

Version 2


Dark Hedges 2.jpg




RC 4.jpg



After flying back from Northern Ireland, I headed up to the Czech Republic to stay at Selah, a place that Josiah Venture has built for rest, refreshment and relaxation. I even made it up one morning for the sunrise! I had a great time staying up there and was able to see some friends who live nearby. I really am so thankful for the doors that God opened up for me to be able to relax and rest from the craziness of life here in Slovenia and to come back refreshed and ready to serve this next year here in Slovenia.



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